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Courtney is a celebrated, raw talent in the local Indy music scene who has fronted some of Indianapolis’s most successful cover bands since 2010. Most recently, she fronts alongside Natalie Marque in the band GrooveSmash. Most notably, she fronted the band The Jester Kings, who opened for Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler at the 2012 Indianapolis-hosted Super Bowl CMT Crossroads show. Hailing from a small town in New Jersey, Courtney spent much of her childhood moving about the Eastern US. She landed in Indy at the age of seventeen and over the next five years slowly made her way from performing in show choir to church praise teams and karaoke bars to weddings, before going on to win Blonde Entertainment’s 2009 summer series vocalist competition, Can You Rock?!. 


Whether Courtney is performing at a small-town bar or for a crowd of thousands, she brings an electricity and presence to the stage that is noticeably derived from life experiences and a hell of a lot of heart. Courtney has been described as having the "power and strength of a top-performing lead singer with a chill and humble vibe who pulls you in the second she begins singing.”

Creating, recording, and sharing her original music has always been the number one goal for Courtney musically. In the Spring of 2022, she released two singles, “That’s Enough” and "Anything at All" with writing partner Matthew Marshall of Blue Moon Revue, on Spotify, and an EP is scheduled to follow in the Fall.

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